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BalaMasa Womens Studded Non-Marking Structured Dress Urethane Sandals ASL05058 Beige NDjvuCQ0K
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BalaMasa Womens Studded Non-Marking Structured Dress Urethane Sandals ASL05058 Beige NDjvuCQ0K
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This week, I was delighted to finally reveal Discourse , the app I’ve been working on for most of the last year in secrecy with Dr Martens Womens Rosalinda Leather Sandals White 2m6j5gi
. The launch got a lot of attention - we were featured on Hacker News, Slashdot, Wired, Reddit, Techcrunch and countless other places. Personally I’ve been floored with the amount of feedback so far. It’s going to take quite some time to get through it all!

One question people keep asking me is “Why did you choose Mee Shoes Womens Fashion Concise Wedge Court Shoes Black fJulKtRw
?”. It’s a good one, and one that I think can be considered in two ways: “Why use a a client side MVC Framework?” and “Why Ember out of all the frameworks?” Here’s my answer to both of those questions.

Why use a client side MVC Framework?


There will never be a “one size fits all” approach to web development. This blog for example is a series of static HTML pages generated by Arcopedico StepL Black 40 gUtEC
. I deploy it using rsync. Most readers will probably visit the blog via a link or RSS, will read what I have to say and bounce out. Very few will browse my other blog entries, and even fewer still will leave a comment.

It would be silly to give them a heavy Javascript interface just to do this because there is so little interactivity. Their experience would be made much worse by having to download a Javascript payload before they could read what I’ve written.

Ask yourself how your web application needs to be. On the less interactive side of the scale, there are huge wins with server side rendered HTML.

Why not just use plain old jQuery - it’s simpler!

jQuery works well if you just want to add light interactivity to your app. It has some failings though when you introduce more state to your application. You end up having to store data in your DOM (usually in attributes), and having to remember how to find those attributes based on where the event was triggered.

For example, on the bottom of every discourse post there is a button a user can click to like a post. When clicked, it vanishes and adds a footer below the post saying you liked it.

If you implementing this in jQuery, you might add a to the post. Then you’d bind a click event on your button element to a function that would make the AJAX call to the server. However, the click function passes a reference to the button, not the post. So you then have to traverse the DOM upwards to find the post the button belongs to and grab the id from there. Once you have it, you can make your XHR request. If the XHR succeeds, you then have to traverse the DOM downward from the post to the footer, and add in the text.

At this point it works, but you’ve tied your implementation of the button click to a particular DOM structure. If you ever want to change your HTML around, you might have to adjust all the jQuery methods that accessed it.

If this example seems simple - consider that in the footer we offer you a link to undo your like. When clicked, the footer text vanishes and the button appears again. Now you’re implementing the opposite operation against the DOM, only in reverse of what you did before.

Discourse even takes it a step further - we know that 99% of the time when you click the like button the request is going to work, so we hide the button and show the footer text right away, even before waiting for the server to reply. In the infrequent event that request fails, we’ll show an error message and pop the UI back to the state it was in before. If we were doing that in jQuery, we’d have to have a callback on our AJAX request that knew how to put the UI back into the state it was in before.

A prudent programmer might say, okay, well I’ll have a render function that can rebuild the DOM to the current UI state of whether the post is liked or not. Then both ‘undo’ and ‘like’ can call it. If ‘like’ fails it can call it again. Oh, and we have to store the current state of whether the post is liked somewhere. So maybe we add another attribute. ACK! Just typing this all out is giving me a headache! .

Congratulations, your code is now spaghetti, your data is strewn out in the DOM and your logic is tied to a particular layout of HTML elements.

How a client side MVC framework can help

The Ember.js approach to the above is to have a simple Javascript class that represents a Post.

You then bind that post to a template, and the template can have simple logic like:

Thanks to the binding, if you ever change the ‘liked’ attribute, it knows to re-render the HTML for you. There’s no need to call a render method. You don’t have to worry about traversing the DOM to get at the data you need. A front end developer can change the template around and things will continue to work just fine.

Client Side MVC Performance

I saw a popular tweet recently referring to client side MVC frameworks:

Despite the hundreds of retweets, you should be aware that it’s mostly FUD.

The truth is, Discourse is fast. Try it out yourself. And our Javascript payloads work really well with CDNs . Try it from somewhere not in North America. I think you might be surprised how fast client side MVC can be.

API-First Development

One amazing side effect of a rich client side app is you end up with a battle tested API. Our app has consumed our own API since day one, so we know it works.

Note: We haven’t documented it yet because we plan on major changes over the next few months, but after things stabilize we certainly will provide a more rigid interface.

If we want to create a native client for Android or iOS, it would be a lot easier because we already speak JSON fluently. If people want to build services that use Discourse, they won’t have to result to screen scraping. It’s a huge win for us and the developers that use our platform.

Out of all the Client Side MVC Frameworks, why do you prefer Ember.js?

I’m actually a fan of all major efforts in client side MVC. The philosophy of binding templates to variables and communicating over an API is what I like the most, and you can get that in many different frameworks. I implore you to investigate them all and come to your own conclusions. Despite that, I am a huge fan of Ember.js and here are some of my reasons:

The documentation was simple to understand

Here’s some text right out of the BalaMasa Womens Retro Platform SlipResistant Suede Boots ABL10148 Yellow HUTNGGA
, about a feature called Transclusion .

That text isn’t describing an Angular internal - it’s a template directive you need to use when creating reusable components! Compare it to the ONeill Mens Profile Flip Flop Ocean zvppFJfg
. I find the Ember ones much clearer and easier to follow. I am much more likely as a developer to pick a framework when the framework makes an effort to be easy to understand.

It worked well early on and has improved a lot in a short time

Ballerina Ladies in Suede look from Best Connections Grey yhoLwiV
had an amazing tech demo at launch, but it was missing very important security features (they have since addressed this). What impressed me about Ember was that even early on it was very functional. If I had to launch Discourse with the first version of EmberJS I started using that would have still been a big win. Having said that, the API has improved tremendously since then. It is much faster. It also has a new router that involves a lot less boilerplate code. The community has done amazing work over the last year. Discourse is on the latest Ember 1.0 prerelease and it’s fantastic.

The Team has a proven track record with Open Source

Yehuda Katz has done amazing work on Rails 3 and Bundler. When he tells me that he’s not going to abandon Ember.JS, I believe him, because he has a track record proving so. Angular, for example, is sponsored by Google, and while I think the project would continue even if they abandoned it, it is important to me that the Ember community didn’t spring out of a corporate sponsorship.

String Templates vs. DOM templates

EmberJS uses string templates instead of the DOM-based templates found in Nike Womens Air Zoom Structure 20 Electro Green/Black Running Shoe 7 Women US kfk0R
. This is a more personal thing and comes down to aesthetics, but I prefer the syntax of handlebars over adding attributes to the DOM. Additionally, we do some server side rendering, which is much easier with string templates because we don’t have to boot a whole PhantomJS environment.

The Run Loop

One of the more complicated pieces of EmberJS is the run loop. Usually you aren’t aware of it, but behind the scenes Ember batches up updates to the DOM and bindings for performance. In some other frameworks if you have a list of 100 items, and iterate through them changing them all, you will end up with 100 separate DOM updates. Ember will batch them and update all at once, providing a better user experience.

Ember.JS has been a huge win for Discourse. Our application really benefited from the framework it provides and the excellent support of the community behind it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to create a web application that needs a lot of interactivity. You’ll find your front end code a lot easier to manage and modify, which is a huge win for productivity. If you have some time, and tell us what you think.

What do you think is faster?a) Send HTMLb) Download big JS libs, send JSON,, compile templates, query data, generate a HTML string

Prednisone is…

Canine Lymphoma Prednisone Treatment Disadvantages: Canine Lymphoma Prednisone Treatment Cost:

The cost of Prednisone treatments is extremely low compared to other preferred conventional Canine Lymphoma treatments. However, the benefits of this treatment are so short lived that they tend to provide little value for the costs incurred.

Prognosis for Canine Lymphoma Dogs Treated Using Prednisone:

Dogs treated with Prednisone have a good chance of showing some benefits as a result of this treatment. 50% to 70% will respond to Prednisone alone to some extent and see at least partial reduction in lymph node size (compared to about 80% to 90% of dogs who will go into full remission when they receive the full OCHENTA Womens Sexy PU Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto Pumps Thin Shoes Pink j6dXkruw2

But for dogs who do achieve remission or reduction of the cancer, the expected average life expectancy is only about 2 to 4 months, compared to about 12 to 18 months for dogs who achieve remission under the full Madison Protocol.

And finally, for dogs who have achieved remission using Prednisone, but then fall out of remission (or other reduction of the disease) , it is unlikely that any further extension of life will be possible since Prednisone has the effect of building up the resistance of the disease to other possible treatments.

Canine Lymphoma Prednisone – Additional Notes:

Although Prednisone used alone can have some beneficial effect in the treatment of Canine Lymphoma, it is generally a very Franco Sarto Women’s LJewel Heeled Sandal Rose Rose H8cWR6
and NOT a very good long term treatment option for Canine Lymphoma care.

The primary reasons why caregivers may choose this option over other more effective options is cost (this option is very inexpensive compared to other conventional treatment options). In cases of financial concerns, or where other more effective treatments are just not possible, vets and dog owners may choose to use the reasonably affordable Prednisone treatment option to provide some comfort and relief for some short period of time. And while it’s unfortunate, sometimes this is the best that can be done in certain cases. In those cases we may recommend the use of Prednisone, but only if you go into it knowing the effect of your choices and the limitations this choice is going to have on your ability to significantly fight the cancer to extend the life expectancy of your dog.

However, in virtually every case, where finances allow, Dr. Freeman generally recommends that her patients undertake the more effective treatment options, and NOT rely on Prednisone as their primary treatment option.

Despite these problems and complications caused by Prednisone treatments alone, Prednisone used in conjunction with certain chemotherapy protocols (for example as part of the Madison Wisconsin Protocol ) has been found to make those treatments more effective. So while, for most cases, caretakers should generally avoid Prednisone as a solo treatment for anything but short term Canine Lymphoma care, don’t be surprised if your vet incorporates Prednisone into part of a more expansive Canine Lymphoma treatment.

The Program Educational Objectives of the Mechanical Engineering program as offered at the Daytona Beach campus are that, in a few years of graduation, our graduates:

Are established as engineers in the aerospace, aviation, automotive, biomedical, energy, robotics, or related fields or engaged in advanced studies

Have demonstrated their ability to work effectively and responsibly as practical problem solvers, innovators and as members of diverse professional teams

The Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, .

The curriculum is designed to accomplish these objectives with a base of engineering, math, and sciences that includes probability and statistics or numerical methods; engineering economics; advanced mathematics; electrical engineering; and engineering design. The culmination of the program is a two-semester design project that prepares the students for working in a team environment on projects involving mechanical engineering.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering requires the successful completion of a minimum of 129 credit hours. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is needed for all requiredME, EE, EGR, and ES courses, including technical electives.

Suggested Program of Study

Students should be aware that several courses in each academic year may have prerequisites and/or corequisites. Please check the course descriptions at the back of this catalog before registering for classes to ensure requisite sequencing.

See the Common Year One outline in the Engineering Fundamentals Program Introduction.

Biomedical Systems Track Courses*

Energy Systems Track Courses

High Performance Vehicles Track Courses

Robotic Systems Track Courses

Get Started Now:

Request DEGREE INFO BalaMasa Girls Chunky Heels Metal Chain Buckle Frosted Boots Black T2XmtJX
Allhqfashion Womens PU Lowtop Solid Laceup LowHeels Boots with Knot Red mz9ZHlo

Degree Summary

128 Credits

Estimate your tuition by using the VogueZone009 Womens KittenHeels Pu Solid RoundToe PumpsShoes Black lZCO082H

View PLAKTON Women’s Clogs amp; Mules Gold XjyolCNGoD

Learn about our General Education

Find out about Katy Perry Women’s The LorennaCircle Metallic Pump Graphite p7ZK3
to thisdegree

Learn more about our Veterans Military benefits

View our Naot Womens Hibiscus Mule Black nyXmK

The Engineering Programs

Daytona Beach, FL Campus

The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program offers a very select group of students a unique hands-on business experience in the motorsports industry.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University mechanical engineering students are helping to design and construct a unique wheelchair made with bicycle components and powered by a lever drive propulsion system. The lightweight JackDrive™ Wheelchair is intended to provide easy maneuverability indoors and outdoors, on any terrain, and increase the range and speed not possible with traditional wheelchairs.
Amid stunning natural beauty, Embry-Riddle students and faculty convened on May 22 in the mountainous, picturesque Zagorohoria region of Greece. Their goal was to take part in a unique university-industry partnership with Aegean Airlines.
Using GPS, laser sensors and cameras, Embry-Riddle’s autonomous boat moved across a pond, identifying floating buoys of different colors and sizes while maneuvering through an aquatic obstacle course as part of the 11th International RoboBoat Competition, held this past weekend at Reed Canal Park in South Daytona, Florida. The competition was organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s (AUVSI) RoboNation and the Office of Naval Research.
Not a day goes by where Capt. Tara Wright isn’t approached by a passenger wanting to take a photo with her because they report never being on a flight piloted by a female. “I call it a selfie a day and educating one person about how flying airplanes is something anybody can do if they have access to the right education and skill-building opportunities,” said Wright, an Alaska Airlines pilot who graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach Campus in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science.
As Hurricane season begins this month, a team of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professors and graduate students have been charged with studying Hurricane Irma’s mass evacuation and provide recommendations for a smoother exodus in the future.
Using 3D printing, fiberglass and stainless steel, a team from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University developed a tool that could help NASA explore underneath ice-covered surfaces in space. Embry-Riddle was one of 25 teams across the U.S. selected to participate in a simulated microgravity challenge at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.
A team of four students from the Colleges of Aviation and Engineering in Daytona Beach returned to campus as the big winners in the National Science Foundation’s Cyber-Physical Systems–Virtual Organization Challenge, a national collegiate autonomous aerial vehicles competition held in Marana, Ariz. in May.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree program at the Prescott Campus provides the strong foundation in basic engineering that enables students to explore advances in mechanical engineering, ranging from the small world of nanotechnology and micro-electromechanical systems to the vastness of space systems. Along with a basis in engineering fundamentals, the program gives students the opportunity to learn about robotics, controls, machine design, and numericalmodeling.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree is housed in the Department of Aerospace Mechanical Engineeringin the College ofEngineering .

With curriculum tracks in robotics, propulsion or energy, students can focus on uninhabited aerial vehicles, planetary rovers and autonomous space vehicles, design propulsion systems like jet engines or develop new energy conversionsystems.

Access to highly scientific and specialized labs prepares graduates to work in their chosenfield.

The freshman year in Mechanical Engineering is common to the Aerospace Engineering degree program. The second year in ME builds fundamental skills in math and physics while introducing students to Engineering Mechanics and the ThermalSciences.

During the second semester of their sophomore year, Mechanical Engineering students in Embry-Riddle’s program in Prescott will start taking courses aligned within the focusareasof:

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Culture Cut

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HFF are great! Their music sounds like is coming straight from the eighties, but without only copying only there influences. Sure, you can hear artists like Portion Control in the music of HFF, but with lots of own ideas. For me, as someone who is growing up with the original oldschool EBM from the eighties and nineties, listening to HFF is like I discover a band I missed back then. Favorite track: Stationed.
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy Great swan song from a fantastic act. Definitely the best EBM release I've heard in ages and way above much of the cookie-cutter stuff from the genre. Favorite track: Invoking Phantoms.
Christopher Hasler
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Summer Wasting
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Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 3
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almost undead
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